Archive Additions

New additions to online section

I have updated the entire Online Section. Compuserve, both CoCo lists, OCN, and FIDO are now online. I am still working on Delphi and will upadte OCN & FIDO with their own pages eventually.

MaltedMedia CoCoList

Archives of the CoCoList are available from the online section
Color Baseball has been added to Tandy-Games
Hi-Res Joystick Manual has been added to Tandy Hardware-Mouse

CoCo Conference

I have added the CoCo Conference for Download in the A/V Section

68xxx Machines & Chromasette

A few issues of 68xxx Machines and Chromasette have been added to the archive and website

The Wizard's Castle

6 Volumes of 'The Wizard's Castle' Newsletter have been added to the archive & are now online for D/L
Fixed incorrect Date information in the index for Micro-80 magazine

Archive Updated

The Archive is now officially at V4.3, and work on V4.4 has started.

Archive now at V4.1

I have closed this release of the archive at V4.1 on April 26, 2008. This is a Special Interim Release specifically for Web Development and will be used to set up the D/L Area of the Website. No Upgrade DVD will be released unless requested.

V4.0 to V4.1
Changes: 22
Additions: 200+ Files*
Total Size: 1.8 GB (Additions+Changes)

*Not all unique Content (i.e PDF & Archive of Images to make PDF) and includes System files (Table of Contents, etc.)