File uploads halted for a bit

For the moment, I will not be able to add any more files for D/L due to space constraints on the current server. There will be a server upgrade in about a month and then I will be able to add more files again for your Downloading Pleasure. Sorry for the inconvenience! On the plus side, that means I have more time to clean up and bookmark files for the archive. :D

80Micro 1980

80micro 1980 is now online for download

Tandy Software & OS-9 Manuals

Tandy Software & OS-9 Manuals Now Online! Enjoy!

Dragon Magazines Online!

We are now proud to announce that the Dragon print Magazines are now Online for your downloading pleasure!

Color Computer Magazine Complete

All issues of the Color Computer Magazine are now online. The 3rd Party Manual section is also coming online.

The Color Computer Magazine and others

The Color Computer Magazine (1983) has been added to the download area and is now available. The PRODUCT area is now online as well as the Austrian UG Newsletter and Bellingham User Group Newsletter.

New Files

New Tutorial: Rainbow Book of Adventures, OS-9/OSK Quick Reference Guides

Tutorials Online & New CDi Section!

The OS-9, Hardware and Reference Tutorial sections are now online and ready for D/L. A new CDi section with some manuals has also been added.

Various Downloads now Online!

Downloads have been enabled for the Audio/Visual category and almost all Magazines(Except for 80Micro which isn't completely uploaded yet.)
New Magzine Entries: Softgold
New Newsletter Entries: The Simlpe Word & The Gamer's Connection

Archive Updated

The Archive is now officially at V4.3, and work on V4.4 has started.