Nov 2012

More Magazine Files!

The following are now back Online:

CoCo Clipboard
CoCo Friends Disk Magazine (CFDM)

CoCo Nutz!
CoCo Preservation Society
Color Computer Magazine - Only Reference Copies due to Storage Contraints
Color Micro Journal



The World of 68micros

Current Status

The AV, TUTORIAL, PRODUCTS & NEWSLETTER sections are now fully online. If you spot any problems please let me know.
All the links in the MAGAZINE section should all be correct (I Hope) but I am still in the process of uploading the magazines, so give it a while for them to appear.

Now Online
OS-9 Underground

More Files Reappearing!

The following sections are now back online: Chromasette Magazine, Forum 68, Retrogaming, Simpleword, Wizard’s Castle, Gamer’s Connection, MOTD Newsletter, Bellingham OS-9 Newsletter, EFFO OS-9 International, and the Australian OS-9 Newsletter. If you notice any link problems in this areas please let me know.

I also fixed a problem on the Links Page. The Radioshack Catalog Link is now working properly.