More Magazine Files!

The following are now back Online:

CoCo Clipboard
CoCo Friends Disk Magazine (CFDM)

CoCo Nutz!
CoCo Preservation Society
Color Computer Magazine - Only Reference Copies due to Storage Contraints
Color Micro Journal



The World of 68micros

Current Status

The AV, TUTORIAL, PRODUCTS & NEWSLETTER sections are now fully online. If you spot any problems please let me know.
All the links in the MAGAZINE section should all be correct (I Hope) but I am still in the process of uploading the magazines, so give it a while for them to appear.

Now Online
OS-9 Underground

More Files Reappearing!

The following sections are now back online: Chromasette Magazine, Forum 68, Retrogaming, Simpleword, Wizard’s Castle, Gamer’s Connection, MOTD Newsletter, Bellingham OS-9 Newsletter, EFFO OS-9 International, and the Australian OS-9 Newsletter. If you notice any link problems in this areas please let me know.

I also fixed a problem on the Links Page. The Radioshack Catalog Link is now working properly.

Files Reappearing!

I am slowly getting the files back online. The AV, TUTORIAL & PRODUCTS section are now back online. However due to space constraints, the Tandy Catalogs are now only available by request. However you can view them online at I have no affiliation with that site, but its very nice. Check it out!

Site Problems

Due to some problems with the server, this site may be down on occasion. Eventually it will be moved to a new server, but there may some disruption when that happens. If you have a problem accessing file(s) please let me know so I can fix it. Thanks for understanding!