Any and all contributions are welcome. Index, Table of Contents, Articles, previously unknown magazine names, etc. Anything useful is welcome! No matter how small!

File Format
Following on the premise that 'Beggars can't be choosers' I will take files in any format. However, if possible I would prefer that contributors please submit files in a loss-less graphics format (TIFF preferred, but others welcome) in case any editing needs to be done to the file. This also helps insure future compatibility. If possible, please use a ZIP archive to enclose the files. Since I use the graphics files to create PDF files, obviously PDF files are also welcome.

Black & White Newsletters (Text Only) - I would recommend using Bit-Map at at least 200 DPI (Over 600DPI is generally overkill.) Keep in mind, that the smaller the point size of the text the higher the DPI you'll need to get a good scan.
Black & White Newsletter (With Pictures) - If possible, use grayscale on the pages with pictures, but it all depends on how it looks after being scanned. Sometimes Bit-Map will work just fine.
Color Magazines & Newsletters - Scans in 300 DPI are preferred, but 200 DPI is acceptable.

Keep in mind that these are just suggestions;I will turn no files away. What is important in the end is that the file is legible and useful to other people. Remember that, in most cases, you will be the only person submitting this particular Magazine, Newsletter, or Manual.

Loan of Material
For those who do not wish or don't have the time to scan something, we would love to borrow the material and scan it ourselves. Please contact us if you are willing to loan us your documents. Please look at our Missing Section for suggestions.

If you see something on E-bay (or another such service) which is listed in our Missing Section, PLEASE let me know. I am not adverse to purchasing manuals, books, newsletters if that is the only way to get a copy. When done I'll probably make them available since I only have so much storage space.