Title: TRS-80 Models I, III, & Color Computer Interfacing Projects
Author: William Barden Jr.
Year: 1983
Pages: 276
ISBN: 0-672-22009-1


From the Back Cover:
Contains many practical and easy-to-build construction projects that demonstrate how to interface the TRS-80 Models I, III, and Color Computer to "real world" devices with a minimum of time and expense. Typical Projects include:
Voice input and synthesis
-Light detectors
-Pressure Sensor
-Musical note generator
-Anemometer (to measure windspeed)
-Tachometer "wand"
-Serial-out driver for the cassette port
-Data communications plugboard
-Half-year clock
-"Joysticks" for Models I and III

Provides careful, step-by-step instructions on building the projects, plus descriptive material on the internal design of the Model I, III, and Color Computer electronics.

Combines hardware and software techniques to accomplish more efficient interfacing tasks.