Online Service: Delphi

Synopsis: From Wikipedia : The company that became Delphi was founded by Wes Kussmaul as Kussmaul Encyclopedia in 1981, featured ASCII-based encyclopedia, E-mail, and a primitive chat. Newswires, bulletin boards and better chat were added in early 1982. On March 15, 1983, the Delphi name was first used by General Videotex Corporation. Forums were text-based, and accessed via Telenet, Sprintnet, Tymnet, Uninet, and Datapac (Canada). Delphi provided national consumer access to the Internet in 1992. Features included E-mail (July 1992), FTP, Telnet, Usenet, text-based Web access (November 1992), MUDs, Finger, and Gopher.

Delphi was the Online Service I used back in the day. Originally, I think they charged by the hour, but I believe they changed to Metered Service (you paid for X number of hours a month.) Delphi had CoCo and OS-9 SIGS and along with CompuServe were the biggest hangouts for CoCo Users. I do believe that GEnie also had its share of CoCo users as well. During this time period BBS' were also extremely popular, but the Web eventually killed them off. Sadly, Delphi appears to have tossed all its old Message Bases and Files when they moved over to a web based format, which killed off most of the rest of its customers. What is left of Delphi can be found here.

Missing: Unknown Number of Messages and all the files.


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