Magazine: Chromasette Magazine
Publisher: David Lagerquist
Total Issues: 34
Synopsis: Chromasette was a cassette based magazine, which contained mostly programs. There was a short newsletter included with the cassette which included information about the programs. (How to load, modify and run.) It ran from July 1981 until April 1984. This magazine was published by the same people who did CLOAD for the older TRS-80 Machines.
Missing: 1981 - All 'Newsletters'; 1982 - Newsletter (1/82), Cassette (9-11/82), 1983 - Cassette (1-2/83)

1981 (PDF) (TIFF)(DSK)
1982 (PDF) (TIFF)(DSK)
1983 (PDF) (TIFF)(DSK)
1984 (PDF) (TIFF)(DSK)
Note: While the magazine was original done on cassette, the programs have been transfered to Disk for use with emulators. The .DSK files are for use with emulators and are used in place of Floppy Disks.

*Due to space constraints TIFF images of the ‘Newsletters’ are by special request only. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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