Magazine: The 68xxx Machines
Publisher: Catham House Company
Total Issues: Unknown
Archived: 3
Synopsis: From the Editor James DeStefano in the First Issue: "68xxx was born from an unfulfilled want of men of proven 68XX(X) knowledge and experience. They wanted an unbiased, higher level vehicle that would allow them to exchange ideas." This magazine covered 68XXX series machines and covered OSes such as SK*DOS, REXDOS, MINIX, MONK, and OS-K, among others. Programming languages discussed were mostly 'C' and Assembly.
Missing: Unknown Number of Issues
Volume 1 (PDF)(TIFF)

The 68xxx Machines Index

Vol 1 Issue 1 - Feb 1991
Vol 1 Issue 2 - Mar 1991
Vol 1 Issue 3 - Apr 1991