This Section contains Downloads of the Coordinated CoCo Conference. This conference is hosted sporadically via Skype by Tim Lindner and Aaron Wolfe.
The original home page for the Conference can be found here. I am simply mirroring the contents. If you pop over the the Conference Home page, don't forget to check out what kinds of projects Steve Bjork is working on!

Podcast #1 - The First
Nov 2 2010 - The First Conference.

Podcast #2
Dec 1 2010 -Tim Lindner and about 10 CoCoists talk about the floppy disk controller Steve Bjork is working on. Plus many other topics.

Podcast #3
A hour long interview with special guest Marty Goodman.

Podcast # 4 - Nick gets blown away
Steve Bjork guest hosts. Nick Marentes talks about being a CoCo user in Australia and creating CoCo games.

Podcast #5 - Marty takes a sponge bath!
This time we have CoCo users from the past drop by like Marty Goodman, Steve Bjork and Nick Marentes. Also discussed is a new version of the CoCo video player and people’s preparations for the next month’s 20th annual CoCofest.

Podcast #6 - It's all done in Hardware
Learn about the CoCo 3 emulated via FPGA technology and a round up of the 20th Annual Last CoCofest.